360 Environmental Sustainability Planning Made Accessible

PAJE Consulting is now offering “360 Environmental Sustainability Planning”!

While many large companies employ full time in house environmental sustainability and resilience experts, this service is often inaccessible to small nonprofits, businesses, and even small government organizations.

Using our collaborative approach to consulting, we are offering “health checks,” including strategic and communications planning, for both internal operations and externally focused activities and programs.

Clients have the option of a short one-hour “sustainability health check” to start. Or, sign up for a complete strategic overhaul. Our services include:

Internal operations & practices

  • Reducing impacts of your day-to-day business activities and systems.
  • Plan to engage your staff on internal sustainability improvements for energy, water, transportation, waste, and more.
  • Small things add up check: Improve waste reduction, product purchases, budgeting, etc.
  • Organizational workshop for how to think more holistically about reducing your impact, including ethical, justice, and equity considerations.


Externally focused activities and outputs

  • Review of your potential impacts and a look at how to reduce these.
  • Applying an environmental equity and justice lens to your services: including mapping and serving your stakeholders.
  • Sustainability planning for your programs, projects, and events.
  • Linking the issues you address to understand their environmental facets.
  • Guidance for your communications and messaging regarding your sustainability plans.
  • Campaign specific services: creating a campaign that operates sustainably.
  • Organizational workshop for how to think more holistically about reducing your impact (including across multiple environmental issues), including ethical and equity considerations.
  • How to make your ultimate outputs more sustainable and promote sustainability through them.
  • Community engagement planning.
  • Engaging with policy makers and influencing policy.
  • Partnering with organizations and building coalitions that support sustainability.
  • Designing a campaign for sustainability.
  • Choosing sponsors and funders committed to true sustainability.



  • First hour: $75
  • Subsequent hours: $100/hr
  • Extended consultation: Set fee, please inquire.