In Development: Global Green Recovery Collaborative

Since March 2020, leaders, scientists, communities, and social justice advocates worldwide have called for a “green recovery” to the Covid-19 induced economic downturn.

Green recovery is the process of transforming how people live and interact with each other and our environment so that biodiversity will thrive, the climate will stabilize, and people and wildlife will be able to adapt to new realities that have resulted from past ways of living.

Despite the many calls for a green recovery, it either has yet to materialize or often involves slow or partial solutions — such as renewable energy development that doesn’t include biodiversity protections.

To this end, I’m co-leading an international team of conservation leaders from Fiji, Ecuador, Belize, Colombia, South Africa, The Netherlands, and Israel to develop a new, online platform called the “Global Green Recovery Collaborative.” Our aim is to promote action and collaboration to achieve a green recovery from Covid-19 and other past and future environmental challenges.

Not only are we creating a central green recovery knowledge hub, we are creating a place for users to collaborate, share information — and connect for action.

We’re looking forward to announcing our launch date, soon!