To Save Nature, Governments Will Have to…

Leaders increasingly agree that our future depends on changing the very core of how we live and work. That can mean changing our entire grocery shopping experience so that wasteful and toxic products, as well as unsustainable foods, are no longer an option. It can mean facilitating a complete decoupling from oil and gas dependence and reinvesting funds in clean energy, the infrastructure to support it, and the transitions to green jobs.

These big leaps or “transformative change” are taking center stage in discussions about how to ensure that nature will keep thriving locally and globally. But all of them require someone who’s looking out for the public good to take the lead. Meaning, to save nature, we need great governance.

This last summer, I conducted a leadership project with the conservation NGO BirdLife International on how to achieve transformative change for the future of biodiversity. I asked what individual nations need to do to meet their commitments to the Convention on Biological Diversity (called the CBD, it’s the world’s only treaty for protecting the full diversity of nature).

The results of that project were recently released by BirdLife International as a set of “Recommendations” and “Actions” for the CBD. It lays out how governments can achieve change and meet their biodiversity goals.

You can read it here!