Literature for Life 2017-18 School Visits are a Hit!

As the Education Programs Director for Literature for Life, I oversee our programs in LAUSD public schools and the vision for our curriculum, lessons, and school visits! This past year, our young and rapidly growing program served over 500 students at three LAUSD public schools with 17 visits from our journal’s authors and artists! Middle and high school teachers drew on the original Literature for Life curriculum written by our team to teach essays, stories, and poetry.

Our author and artist visits included class discussion, debate, writing, and art activities. Our visits emphasize creative and critical thinking, exploration of complex social and cultural norms and issues, and listening to one another’s view points and experiences to expand our views and build empathy.

With over nine years experience teaching middle and high school students, myself, I’m dedicated to ensuring the best for our public school students and our public school system. With Literature for Life, I’m working towards a future where students love learning, love school, and are taught to consider, create, write, and investigate rather than taking standardized tests.