Literature for Life Issue 3 Has Launched!

Literature for Life, the online literary journal and resource for educators for which I am Managing Editor, has launched its third issue! The issue features fiction, nonfiction and poetry works from 10 writers and 9 artists, many of them Los Angeles locals. The featured authors include: Janet Fitch, Michael Jaime-Becerra, Bronwyn Mauldin, Rebecca Gonzales, Yvonne Estrada, Conrad Romo, Joel Jacobsen, Doug Benerofe, Elsa Valmidiano, and Keenan Norris. The artists include Scott Gandell, Sherry Giang, Jennifer Swain, Christopher Perez, Graeme Fordyce, Walter Askin, Alexander Lee, Nery Gabriel Lemus, and Ester Petschar. Curriculum for Middle and High School educators for each of the stories will be posted in early August. Stay tuned!

Read the issue now at!