Moderating a Panel on Women Going Beyond the Graphic Novel for Women’s History Month – Monday, March 7 at 7:30pm

Happy Women’s History Month! I’m excited to be moderating a panel for the City of West Hollywood’s Women’s History Month festivities and for Will Eisner Week on WOMEN GOING BEYOND THE GRAPHIC NOVEL! This panel is on Monday, March 7 at 7:30pm in West Hollywood. Join us for an exploration of how women are innovating in the field of comics and graphic novels and expanding on the topics and genres that comics can cover. For too long, comics have been synonymous with superheroes, and we’d like to upend that notion. Our panelists will talk about using comics to reach under-served audiences, finding new ways to introduce people to comics, and re-introducing once popular comic genres such as romance. We’ll also touch on how women have always been involved with comics and may have been written out of the comics history books. Our featured guests include: JANELLE ASSELIN-MOORE, Rosy Comics/ Fresh Romance, LILLIAN DIAZ-PRZYBYL, Chromatic Press, BARBARA RANDALL KESEL, Award-winning Comic Writer & Editor, MOM, Los Angeles Women’s Comic Creators League, and YUMI SAKUGAWA, “I Think I Am in Friend-Love With You.” Learn more HERE