Talking About the Biodiversity and Climate Change Connection

In this episode of the Wild Lens Collective’s “Earth to Humans” podcast, I talk with guest host Jason Milligan about how we must address our biodiversity loss and climate change crises as one. This is a central issue to consider when crafting strong policies, conducting outreach, and considering issues of inclusivity and equity. Listen to […]

California Stakeholders Weigh In on Global Biodiversity Policy

In December 2020, California became an observer to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). This was the culmination of a year long campaign that I spearheaded. The campaign was championed by California state Assemblymember Laura Friedman and a coalition of over 30 environmental nonprofits and leaders from all across California. Markedly, the coalition […]

In Development: Global Green Recovery Collaborative

Since March 2020, leaders, scientists, communities, and social justice advocates worldwide have called for a “green recovery” to the Covid-19 induced economic downturn. Green recovery is the process of transforming how people live and interact with each other and our environment so that biodiversity will thrive, the climate will stabilize, and people and wildlife will […]

Literature for Life 2017-18 School Visits are a Hit!

As the Education Programs Director for Literature for Life, I oversee our programs in LAUSD public schools and the vision for our curriculum, lessons, and school visits! This past year, our young and rapidly growing program served over 500 students at three LAUSD public schools with 17 visits from our journal’s authors and artists! Middle […]